Procedure on how to use Realtek Utility on WL0179 Wireless-N


September 19, 2013

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24 thoughts on “Procedure on how to use Realtek Utility on WL0179 Wireless-N

  1. Onie Liao on said:

    when i open the Browser, it says “unable to connect to the proxy server” even it is connected to wifi using realtek. how can i fix this?

  2. cdrkingtechnical2011 on said:

    Good morning sir Onie Liao,

    Please check if you have internet connection, if you connect different wifi devices.

    can i know the model of your wireless router and also your internet provider you are using?

  3. john vasiliou on said:

    Hello there I have a big problem here the adapter cannot recognise my wireless network while it can recognise others when I push the refresh button

  4. Bala Anand on said:

    sir i have a problem in connecting my wifi adapter

    recently i brought a wifi adapter model EWNA150 with REALTEK 11n USB wireless LAN utility software iam anable to switch on my device can u help me sir please

  5. Liza Lulu on said:

    ok so mine works but when I plug other USB devices or when I insert a CD the connection fails, what do I do so the connection stays stable?

  6. cdrkingtechnical2011 on said:

    Good day mam,

    I think the problem you encounter is your power supply,

    Because the main power that distribute in your computer is from power supply. We advice to double check also your Power supply in your technician.

  7. Daniel Walker on said:

    I have spent literally all day trying to fix this, it used to work fine however i haven’t used it for awhile, when i tried it today i kept getting numerous errors. – I basically want to use it as an Access Point for my Nintendo DS Lite

    (Because i live in shared accommodation and the landlord controls the security settings and has the default to WPA2-PSK with Encryption AES, so i can’t change it to WEP.)

  8. Daniel Walker on said:

    Anyway, whenever i connect my Nintendo DS to the Access Point of the 802.11 b/g/n 150Mbps WIRELESS USB ADAPTER, it does connect for like 45 seconds then error codes come up such as 52000 and 52100 (separate times.) Can someone help?

  9. cdrkingtechnical2011 on said:

    Good day sir Daniel Walker,

    You setup WL0179 as Access Point sir?

    Did you shared using LAN or Using WIFI?

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